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How To Make A Web Page
Jan 13, 2001

1. Register domain name, for example with www.register.com or www.networksolutions.com . That would be the registrar or name referral guys. From $20 to $70 for 2 yrs with credit card only. This is what makes it possible for anyone with internet access to type in for example www.MyCompany.com and then get "referred" to the actual site.

2. Get a host provider. That is where the site is physically located on disc drives. For a basic personal or small business web site providers may charge a one time setup fee from of $25 to $50. The monthly fee might be $15 to $40 per month. The host service would provide 40 to 100 Mbytes of space on the site, "traffic" of 1 gigabyte or more and and several e-mail accounts (aliases). Many visitors to a web site would have traffic of around 0.3 to 1 Mbytes per visit if several images are downloaded. A huge picture at 250 kbytes could be downloaded about 3,000 to 4,000 times per month on a basic plan with 1 GByte traffic allotment. A 5 minute audio mpg file download however, at about 5 MBytes could be downloaded only 200 times per month. Setting up a host provider can be completed in 24 hours using a phone and a credit card.

3. As an alternative, you can get domain name registration and host service all in one for little or no cost. With that you get a very simple small site with limited features, low or no monthly fees. One of the "costs" of this method is that your site will have advertising banners placed on your web page. This is controlled by the host server that is giving you the cheap service and you cannot change or delete the banners.

4. Then you or the webmaster accesses or creates files on the host provider's physical equipment using FrontPage or similar or freeware generic ftp (file transfer protocol) software. And then, you have a web site! The same work could be done from any pc with an internet connection including your home or office pc. You use a username and password to access and change the files.

5. If you have a host provider already, you should have the IP and/or host address, username, and password. If you have that info you or your webmaster can use Web Page software or ftp software and could have a basic working web site up and working in minutes to hours.

6. Many host service providers give the user or site owner the ability to update their web site with a browser based interface, for example Internet Explorer or Netscape. This means that you can update your site when when you choose without needing to pay a webmaster or other 3rd party to do the changes. This is extremely useful for example to a band that wishes to update the tour date schedule. Or a concert venue that has a schedule to be updated.

Updated notes May 2002

Some Host Providers I Use:

Solucian Networking
e-mail info@solucian.com

Sopris Surfers
David Evenson, sales
e-mail soprissales@sopris.net

Front Range Internet Inc (FRII.com)
e-mail info@frii.com

Updated - 8/09/04
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