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Back Up notes
updated August 8, 2004

Schedule: Backups are done daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the needs of the individual or business. The PC could become broken or lost, the hard drive could fail, viruses or hackers could destroy your data, or the keyboard could be the play toy of your child or cat. You need to decide how many hours or days of data or work you are willing to do all over again to restore your data.

Problems: If a backup is being done because there are suspected problems in the PC you should use a new CDR, not one that already has previous important backup data. This is just in case the possibly broken PC is going to make the valuable backup data CD unreadable.

Storage: Back up data CDRs should be stored in a fire proof safe or off site for protection from any kind of loss. If you use external tape or disc drives the same goes for the media used in those drives also.

What to back up: If using WinXP backup all the files in the "MyDocuments" folder. Backing up all the data each day or week etc means you have a "snapshot" of all the data for that day or time period.

What not to backup:
Routine backups do not need to include your software such as Windows, Word, Office, Quickbooks, Corel, Photoshop etc . You should have the original CDs that were used to install these programs along with installation numbers. You should have any CDs necessary to install your printer, modem, or other hardware. You should also have a one time backup of your email and internet connection settings, usernames and passwords.

Large programs like Windows, Word, Office, Quickbooks, Corel, Photoshop etc get re-installed from their original CDs. Don't forget to have your installation key codes etc available.

Small programs like WinZip, imaging software, special programs, various utilities etc that do not need to be installed from CDs could be included in a MySoftware folder in the MyDocuments folder. Don't forget to include drivers for printers, modems etc specific to your machine.

Most software is "installed", not copied from the floppies or CDs. You can not just copy most software to the hard drive.

Windows 98 Second Edition Notes:

Mail files & folders > back up entire folder
Address Book > *.wab win98 example: C:\WINDOWS\Application
Data\Microsoft\Address Book
Email Accounts > settings for each account
Internet Access > settings for dial up or broadband connections
Desktop Shortcuts > to a folder in My Documents
Favorites > to a folder in My Documents before backup
My Software > collect all small programs in one place
Application Data > Some programs like Quickbooks store data in their own folders and have special backup procedures
My documents > including My Pictures, My Music etc to CD(s)

Windows XP Notes for manual backup:

1. Insert CDR in CD burner.
2. In Windows Explorer left click on the CD drive (usually drive D: )
3. Click File, New, Folder
4. Type name of folder, for example 2004-08-05
5. See folder just created in "Files Ready to Be Written to the CD" box.
6. Drag and drop the MyDocuments folder into the newly created folder.
7. See the added contents in "Files Ready to Be Written to the CD" box.
8. Click File, Write these files to CD
9. See "Welcome to the CD Writing Wizard"
10. Choose name for the CDR if desired.
11. Click Next
12. When finished, click Finish.
13. If prompted to close session and leave disc open (writable) click OK or Yes.
14. If prompted to close session and close disc (make Read Only) -
>do not do this unless the disc is full and no more backup data will be added.

Windows XP Notes using built in XP Backup:

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